Selling Amarillo Homes Is Not For The Average Realtor

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Selling Amarillo Homes Is Not For The Average Realtor

Did you know that an average Realtor sells 12 houses a year?

Most Realtors don’t have a business mindset.  We are by nature entrepreneurs and like the freedom that gives us.  It also makes us average.

An average Realtor usually has 1 to 2 buyers they work with a month.  They are always wondering where their next buyer will come from.  If they list your house here in Amarillo for sale, they have maybe 10-12 buyers to tell about it. 

What you, a seller, need is someone that is way beyond the average.  This would be a Realtor that knows how to run a business.  My business is to sell your house.  It is going to make my job, and ultimately you meeting your goals, much easier if I have 500 or 1000 buyers to tell about your house.

As a seller you are looking for a more experienced Realtor.  Since most Realtors start with buyers because there are more buyers than sellers, generally speaking, if they are running a business they know the importance of keeping close contact with every buyer so when your house comes along we aren’t scurrying around trying to find a buyer.  We already have them.

That does not mean it is 100% certain that we have a buyer for your house but our chances are much greater than the Realtor with 10-12 buyers. Fill this out to see how many buyers I have for your house!


When you interview a Realtor to sell your Amarillo house, remember to ask how many buyers they have right now.  If their answer is 10 or 12 move on. It will be much harder for you to reach your goals in a reasonable amount of time.  And that is what you want, isn’t it?

Call, text or email me and ask how many buyers I have right now!

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