Three Bedroom House For Sale In Country Club For Under $100,000

Three Bedroom House For Sale In Amarillo Under $100,000

The Pamela Madore Group has new listing at 4613 Cole in Amarillo, TX.  It is in what is called the Country Club/Avondale area.  

This three bedroom home has one bathroom and a one car garage.  It is listed at $5000 below what the appraisal district has it listed for.  

It has 2 living areas and a big eat in kitchen.  The floors are hardwood and beautifully finished. There is a large backyard and mature landscaping.

That was for all of you that like a sterile description of a house (not a bad thing–just give me the facts).

Man, you have got to see this really cool three bedroom house over in Country Club/Avondale. When I went in I could hardly believe how shiny those hardwood floors were.  I have seen lots of hardwood floors just these are from another galaxy. Those floors went all the way down the hall to the three bedrooms.

When I first moved here I was like, “what is it with all these brick houses?”  I came from stucco land. So we have here a very popular brick house ranch style house with actual grass and trees.  That in itself is unusual for Amarillo.  Right?

The sellers are really nice and neat.  I felt like I ought to mess things up a bit.  LOL  Lots of counter top and kitchen space which really didn’t impress me much because I only use a microwave and you can put one of those anywhere.

I was impressed with the office.  It was a really good size to fit a desk and computer and other office stuff.  It was a little too neat for me and I wondered if they actually ever used it.  

They have this back 2nd living area that I could really get into.  They told me it was 13 x 24 so it was big enough for me.  The best part—windows!  I guess you could call it a sun room but all enclosed and everything. Have you ever noticed how everything is so dark in Amarillo?  Windows impress me.

Hey.  I think I skipped around a bit.  I forgot to tell you about the bedrooms.  Well, there are 3. They aren’t as big as a football field but very functional. Two of them have two closets and the other one has a chalkboard wall.  Somebody very clever and with great handwriting and flair had words and flowers and all kinds of cool stuff on it.  I guess that is better than having kids with crayons on walls without chalkboard.

Here is the living room.

The bathroom.  I mean what can you say about a bathroom.  We have all been there.  This one has lots of storage under the sink and a whole built in cabinet, too.  It’s a bathroom.

They have these really interesting painted tires hanging in the backyard.  One from a tree and the others on the dog run.  My granddaughter can take a mishmash of clothes out of her closet put them on and she looks like a model.  The same thing on me would just plain look stupid. Same with the tires.  In my yard they would like spray painted flat tires dangling from a tree.  I am not sure how people do these things.  The tires make the whole backyard.

Well that is my description of my listing of a three bedroom house in Country Club/Avondale.  So whatever your personality style is,  you have got to see this house!  It won’t last long.

Call me today!!!  Text is OK, too.  Or even email.

Pamela Madore

The Pamela Madore Group

Keller Williams Realty

7304 SW 34th

Amarillo, TX 79121



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