My Seller Traded $120 for $2000. Want To Know How?

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My Seller Traded $120 for $2000.  Want To Know How?



When you are selling a house there seems to be stress from every angle.  All of those crazy “what ifs”.   My client was a nervous Nellie anyway so she had a book full of “what ifs”.  No matter but I did to try to calm her she had a “yeah but” to go with it.  I don’t blame her in the least.  It was a difficult sale and very nerve racking.


But I digress.  You want to know about the giving $120 and getting $2000 in return.  I will get to that.

Home Inspection

When a buyer buys your house they are probably going to do inspections.  Inspections can be another one of those stressful things, too.  I had another agent tell me this morning that after inspections her client wanted to reduce the price by $5000, have 20 plumbing things fixed and 16 electrical.  Too bad the seller didn’t know about the $120 for $2000 trick.

Well, my client really needed to sell and it was one of those border line FHA houses.  She already knew that it had lots of problems that she had already agreed to fix for a new buyer.  We just weren’t getting the showings, though.  

I get alerts when someone is going to show one of my listings so one day I got an alert and then it came back that she had refused the showing!  What is that all about?  If you are trying to sell your house, you need to be sure that it is accessible.

So I called her up and asked her what’s up?  She is in tears and almost in nervous breakdown mode. I am like, what’s the matter.  Between sobs she told me that her heater broke.  To which I replied, it’s OK.  It is under warranty.  She was amazed and asked how can that be?

The answer is that on all of my listings I put “sellers” coverage on the property the day I list it.  The seller’s coverage is in place mostly to use if buyer’s find things during the inspection that are covered under the policy.  But it is also used for things that happen within the process.

This is a one-year home warranty for buyers.  It covers differing things but in this case it saved my buyer.

She called up the warranty company–mind you at this point she had given them no money–and told them her heater broke.  The service call was $60 (half of the $120).  The technician came and determined that the heater and the coil were in the morgue and that she would need both replaced.
Home Warranty Company

Lucky for her she was covered.  They came and replaced the unit and the coil and the warranty company paid $2000 toward fixing it.  Her cost was minimal.

Oh.  The other $60.  At closing she had to pay $60 for the policy.  

My client calmed down immensely, we found a buyer and closed.  The buyer got a brand new heater and coil.  I probably should have told her about the warranty at the beginning in retrospect.  That would have relieved some pressure.  I’ll remember that for next time.

I take care of my clients.  Let me help you with your stressful sale!

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