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Pink House Team 

In this day of updates, granite and the like, we have taken the charm out of many ’50s and ’60’s houses. We took out the pink bathrooms.

There is a history around the pink bathrooms. It started with Lady Mamie Eisenhower. Back in the era she was known as First Lady Pink. She redecorated the private quarters in the White House in pink. Thus a boom in pink bathrooms. 

Other colors began to emerge. Yellow, blue, green, beige, peach, salmon, lavender and grey bathrooms for instance.  Who said that bathrooms had to be white?

A rough guess is that during that period more than 5 million pink bathrooms were installed.

Pink was a post-war color and if you have a look around Amarillo lately you will see a lot of pink popping up.

Look at the clothes we wear. We are also known as the Pink House Team. 

Younger buyers are seeing the value of the history of the pink bathrooms and other colors and are decorating around it giving it a retro look. Not everyone likes the flash and granite.  You can buy replacement tiles if you need to spruce up the surround.

Our new listing at 2815 Louis Drive has the Lady Mamie Eisenhower pink bathroom. 

It also has 4 big bedrooms, one is currently being used as an office. 

The entire back of the house has floor to ceiling windows and the living rooms has a brick two-sided fireplace. 

The back yard is huge and has a big tree just right for a tree swing on those lazy summer days. 

You won’t find this much either in new houses,  but it has a front entry garage. Also, of that era when people knew their neighbors. You will note, however, that some new construction is being built with front entry garages.  Looking at history again.

It isn’t a small house either with 2151 square feet. Worried about storage? Don’t be. There is enough storage for 3 families. 

The house is priced at $157,000 which is $72.9 square feet There are currently 4 active listings, 1 pending and since 4/01/2015 there have been 10 closings. 

Put 2815 James Louis Drive on your list to see. Call Julie at 341-1236 for an appointment

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