Why Choose The Hard Way To Sell Your House?

Why Choose The Hard Way To Sell Your House?

The is a true story and may get a little yucky at times but I think it is a good example of doing it the hard way or the easy way.

The person in question has a sebaceous oil gland cyst.  I really don’t even know what that means except that it is big and it hurts really bad.

Not the real picture of the cyst.

At this point, he is in hydrocodone type pain.  The thing is as big as a grapefruit. 

Something has to give.

His wife and I had an idea.

Here is our conversation:

Me: How about just go out in the garage and get a drill.

Her:  Ohhhhh no that just gave me a really disgusting visual!! I’m sure (husband) at this point would be willing to do that.  I can barely touch it and he jumps.

Me:  It just needs to be drained, right?

Her:  No….it also has a core and after draining it they have to swipe with a finger or a scoop to get it out…that way it won’t come back. 

Me: A bottle of whiskey and I bet we could do it.

Her: Its gross.  You wouldn’t believe the YouTube videos on it.

Her:  Told him about your idea and he said its about to that point.  I bet he could possible pass out from pain.

Me: The whiskey is for us.  I have hydrocodone for him

Her:  Oh yeah.  Bring that.  I have gas masks and rain coats.

Me:  LOL I am sure he is not enjoying our humor.

Her:  He is actually laughing.  The stuff inside smells like unwashed bottom.

Me:  Can’t be worse than picking up dog poop.    

Her: Ha Ha.  You are right.  It smells about the same.

I know.  I know.  Pretty yucky story but probably a memorable one.  

Why go through the pain of trying to sell your house on your own. The typical answer I get is that you don’t want to pay a commission.  

Husband above still has to go to the Dr. and pay a $2500 deductible.  

He could have let his wife and I take a go at it to save the $2500 but I am thinking the pain of us doing it and risking infection and lots of other problems isn’t really worth saving the $2500.

Do you?

Hiring a professional before the pain is unbearable and your friends and relatives start coming up with crazy ideas might be a better approach.

Why choose the hard way to sell your house?

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