Why Did My House End Up As An Expired Listing? -The Pamela Madore Group

Why Did My House End Up As An Expired Listing? -The Pamela Madore Group

Why Didn’t My House Sell?

The most common answer to that question is “my Realtor didn’t do anything.” Admittedly, Realtors have different approaches in their marketing and some approaches work better than others but overall we are on an equal playing field.

If I ask my seller what is the most important thing I can do for you, the answer is “sell my house”.

If you want your house to sell you have to trust your Realtor.  I don’t mean trust as in steal something from you, (which would be a good idea, too) I mean trust what they say.  When you trust your Realtor, you may have to listen to some things you don’t want to hear.  

I don’t have the greatest bedside manner so I sometimes can be blunt and too honest but if we both have the same goal–to get your house sold–then we have to work together to get it done.

Here is an example.  I went on a listing appointment.  The lady had it listed, but the listing expired. I realized when I went into the house that it was going to be a hard one to sell because of the overall condition and presentation.  I had asked her what she wanted for the house and she gave me a number.  I knew that would never happen. 

Why did I know?  Because I know the market.  I know what buyers look for and what they will turn away from.  Anyway, I gave her a number $30,000 less than what she wanted.  And it was still going to be a hard sell.  She didn’t want to hear that.

She listed it with another Realtor for the amount she wanted.  Four months later it sold for the exact number I quoted her.  Her house didn’t sell during the first listing because it was overpriced.  

One thing as Realtors and sellers, we tend to forget is that the buyer sets the price.  It seems a little unfair but that is just how it is.

Another reason your house may not have sold is that your house doesn’t present itself well.  Maybe the bedrooms are painted outlandish colors.  Maybe the grass in the back yard is dead.  Or maybe you just have a messy house.  I have a messy house.  But what I do know that if I were to sell my house I would have to face the cruel facts about the presentation of my house.

Weak Realtors are too afraid to tell you that because they don’t want to lose the listing.  That never has a happy ending.

Another reason your house may not have sold is because it was too difficult to show.  The most common reason is because of dogs.  You have dogs and so you have to go home to put them up but you are at work and can’t leave. 

Buyers want to see now.  It is not uncommon for a buyer to come to our office for a consultation, look at some listings that interests them and then want to go see them.  Right now.  If your house is one that is hard to show they may not ever come back to look at it.  

Here is another thing that buyers do.  You are out showing them property and you drive by a house and they love the looks of it and really want to see it.  We are sitting right in front of the house.  Can we get in?

I admit I have done this and it is always a waste of everyone’s time and usually ends up worse than if you had done it right the first time.  Let’s say you have a house to sell and you and I both agree that $200,000 is the right number.  So you say, let’s list it at $210,000 so we have some negotiating room. Ugh.  Big mistake on your part and on my part if I cave.  

This is what happens.  We list it at $210,000.  We don’t get any showings because we know the right number is $200,000 so no buyers want to look at it. Some buyers don’t like negotiating.  They will pay what is fair when they see it. So a week goes by and nothing so we drop it by $2000.  Nothing. So every time we drop it the buyer is thinking, hmmm they really may need to sell so let’s offer $190,000.   That isn’t at all what our goal was.  

Remember when you bought your house?  How many houses did you look at? Did you ever want a short notice appointment?  Did you see any messy houses?  

But we also know that it just has to “click”.  Buyer’s don’t buy houses that they aren’t drawn to  It truly could have had nothing to do with anything we just talked about. It just didn’t click.

Was this helpful?  I hope so.  So , call me.  Let’s be sure your house does sell the second time around!

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