Why A For Sale By Owner Needs A Realtor #1

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There are four types of buyers.  If you want maximum exposure in selling your house, you need access to them all.

#1  These are the buyers that are in a hurry.  Maybe they are relocating and are only here for the week-end to find a house.  Or maybe they signed a contract on their house last night and only have 30 days to move.  

#2  These are the buyers who have never bought a house or have bought one and now need to sell and buy another one.  They need hand-holding because this is a new experience to them and they really have no idea how to start.

#3  These buyers are looking for a deal.  A FSBO sign is like a bone for a dog.  They will come in and offer you half price.

#4  These buyers are not really buyers at all.  They are what we call lookie loos. They only want to see your house to look for decorating ideas. Even worse, they could be “casing the joint” for a return visit.  

As a Realtor, I am prepared for all four

#1 We have access to hundreds of houses for sale and can easily make appointments to see on short notice.

#2 We have been through the process many times and can easily walk someone through the entire transaction.

#3 We will always submit any offers to our sellers, however, investors rarely come to us with 1/2 price offers because they know we aren’t going to encourage our sellers to accept such an offer. We know the real value of your house.

#4 We do not take anyone to your house unless they have been pre-qualified to purchase.  Lookie loos are easy to spot. 

For Sale By Owner’s, call now to get your house sold!


Pamela Madore

Pink House Team

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