8 or 9 Random Thoughts. Beat That

Pamela Madore
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There is nothing any harder than trying to write creatively when your brain seems to be on vacation.  Fortunately, I am a Realtor and Realtors like bright, shiny things sometimes referred to as squirrels.  Because of that there are millions of things that randomly happen around you that you can write about.

Here are a few of my thoughts this week.

  • In Amarillo, we are right on I-40 east to west.  Why wouldn’t that be west to east?  (You probably already knew that.)  One of the streets that has an overpass is Bell. (Knew that, too?).  Very often there is a motorcycle police on the overpass with raider and another one hiding down below.  Countless tickets have been given there.

  • As I was driving on  I-40 going beneath the underpass (If you are on top it is an overpass?  And if you below it is an underpass?)  I wondered how policemen  decide  how they chose to go to that particular spot.Is it just a random assignment.  “Hey let’s go get some speeders on I-40 and Bell”.  FB lights up in warning.

  • Why does it take 8 people to dig a whole when the other 7 just stand around and watch.? You know who I am talking about.
  • Why is Amarillo named yellow?
  • Why do men work out and then take their shirts off?  Oh, never mind.  I know that one.
  • Why does Coulter and Elmhurst have the traffic  camera?  You might be buzzing along and then you see Elmhurst looming near you.   What do you do?  Speed up?  Slow down?  What would happen if you got the yellow but couldn’t quite make the stop and you end up in the middle of the intersection.  Do you get multiple pictures?   And multiple fines.  It is one of those auto click cameras like you get in one of those photo booths things.   You get 10 pictures of your plate before the light turns green?
  • Who can define the difference between a career and a job?
  • If you text does that mean you would rather communicate by text.  If you call do you want me to call back.  If you email do you want me to email back.  How do I know?
Just some random thoughts.  As a challenge, stop right now and write down 7 random thoughts.  It helps you stretch your brain and your thought process.  You may even come up with some brilliant idea you can patent and make a million dollars.
  • One last thought.  If you are thinking of buying a house, selling a house, or getting a real estate license, contact me.  
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
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