What Can Sellers And Buyers Do To Help Each Other Make Decisions?–The Pamela Madore Group

What Can Sellers And Buyers Do To Help Each Other Make Decisions?–The Pamela Madore Group

Selling or buying a house can be a very emotional time in one’s life.  It doesn’t matter why you are selling, you still had memories there good or bad. Sometimes buyers and sellers see these nebulous forms on the other side of the papers they sign and don’t really think of them as real people.  

There are ways to over come this–or at least help it.  Here are three examples verbatim as they told me.

When I asked my sellers to put something together that I could show to buyers about why they bought their house, this is what they wrote.

We chose the house because it was
1) in our price range
2) quiet neighborhood
3) no neighbor on one side of the home
4) shed in back yard
5) much larger than our apartment (1 bedroom apartment)
6) three bedroom-not two
7) fenced in front yard
8) large back yard for our dogs
9) hallway to bedrooms
(Our apartment didn’t have a hallway)
10) washer and dryer connections- huge laundry room
We will miss:
our friendly neighbors- the Jones (not real name) next door are wonderful. They have a girl named Sally (not real name) and we tutored her during the summers. Across the street, the families always waved when we came home or left home. They were protective of our home when we were gone on vacation. Our neighbors could be trusted. 
We updated the kitchen, floors in laundry room, and the floors in the three bedrooms. Updated the bathroom. Replaced all but two windows. The boiler/ water heater was replaced last year. The entire back fence was updated to be the metal fence and we also covered the permanent shed with the same metal. We also added the driveway- moved the fenced-in area over in order to have a larger driveway. 

It gives you a picture of a place that would feel like home.  Doesn’t it?

As I write this, I got a text from another agent that has put in an offer on one of my listings. This is what she said. just to let you know…the buyers are my sister-in-law and her family.  They are great and will be pretty easy to work with.  They have 3 adorable children that I can send pics of it that will help!!

One of my clients really, really, really wanted a house and was in competition with a few other buyers. I asked her to write a letter to the seller expressing why you wanted the house. This is what she wrote;

First of all, thank you for this opportunity to make an
offer to purchase your mothers home.
My husband’s long
time friend John Smith (not real name) told us about your mother’s home that was up for sale.
Because he knew we have been looking for a house for a long time and this as just the thing we were looking for. A well-cared for home with character, a strong
sense of community, and access to good schools. We were delighted when we
stepped foot in the home. It really felt like a place that would be part of the
next chapter of our lives. Since this was a family decision, we brought our
daughters and it was apparent that they felt “at home” and explored the home
with great diligence and excitement.  
While this is still early in the “process” I can assure
you-and wish to convey-that we are the type of family that will take good care
of the home you have had in your family for so many years and do our best to be
a positive addition to the neighborhood.
Thank you in advance for considering our offer, and we hope
to hear from you soon.

If you were a buyer or seller would that influence you?  We only yet have the outcome of one of the scenarios.  It was the last one.  The seller chose them in part because of their heartfelt letter.

Sometimes WE see things without the emotion attached and could possible end up hurting our sellers or buyers.  Think about that next time you sit in front of a buyer or a seller.

Pamela Madore

The Pamela Madore Group

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