Sellers Please Turn On Your Air Conditioner In Amarillo Summers!

It is hot here in Amarillo.  

During this time of year in Amarillo it is very important that if you want to sell your house fast, you will turn down the air.  I know it may cost you a couple of hundred dollars extra by keeping it low but if it takes you 2-3 extra months to sell your house you have spent more than $200.

Picture this.  It is 102 and I am showing potential buyers houses. We have narrowed their search down to 3 houses that fit their needs.   

We go to house #1.  It meets all of their needs as we knew it would but by the time we have walked through the house once, we were so hot we left just to get into the air conditioned car. The thermostat was on 79.  They liked the house.

House #2 equally matched their needs.  They were really interested in the back yard in this house. We walked through the house first and then went to the backyard.  There was no shade so we didn’t stay long.  Trying to escape the heat we went inside but it felt as warm in there as it did outside.  We walked right back out the front door and into the air conditioned car.  I didn’t notice what the thermostat was on. They liked the house.

House #3 equally matched their needs.  When we walked into the house we were met with cool air. It was such a relief that we walked slowly from room to room pointing things out and talking about colors and flooring.  We hung around in the kitchen checking drawers and measuring the pantry shelves.  The back yard was great and when we escaped back inside we were cooled down immediately  It felt so good we sat down in the living room and discussed particulars on the house. We talked about what they might change.  We talked about financing and payments.  We spent 40 minutes at the house.  They liked the house.

Which one would you choose?  Equal houses.  Two hot and one cool.  

That may seem like a silly reason to not buy a house but the truth of the matter is that if it is uncomfortable in the house, buyers won’t linger and therefore don’t get a picture of the little things. They really just took a cursory look.  They aren’t as apt to buy the hot house because they really didn’t see it all.  They were too anxious to leave.

So are you ready to sell your house in hot Amarillo?  Remember to keep your house a little cooler than cool.

Email me for more tricks to attract buyers  And shhhh.  Don’t tell your neighbor this trick.  Let’s sell your house first.  


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