Want To Sell Your House? Don’t Do These Seven Things

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Seven Things Not To Do When Selling Your House

There are many articles and blogs and lots of advice about things TO do when selling your house but what about the things that you shouldn’t do?  Are there no-no’s?

Do not have any burned out light bulbs anywhere in the entire house.  It is very embarrassing as a Realtor to be showing a house and turn on the dining room light and 2 of the bulbs have burned out.  You know those strip lights above the vanity in the bathroom?  Please make sure they are all working and match–not some frosted and some clear.

Burned Out LightBulbs

Do not leave cobwebs at the front door.  Most of us have rear entry garages and never look at our front doors.  There is nothing any worse than walking straight into a cobweb when trying to go in the front door.  Along those same lines,  don’t let any birds build nests above the door so you have to walk through poo to get to the door.  And without question, don’t let any wasps build nests in the eaves.

Do not leave the toilet seats up.  During the time your house is on the market make it a hard and fast rule that all toilet seats remain in the down position.  If you don’t have a toilet paper holder, hide it under the sink.  We want to draw as little attention as possible to that particular item in our house. And speaking of toilets, do not leave a plunger sitting beside it.  That spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for any buyer.


Do not have your house smell like it just came out of a candle factory; especially if you have mixed scents from room to room.  Those little outlet plug-ins can be very strong, too.  Some people are highly sensitive to smell.  Most people will think you are trying to cover up something.  A fresh, clean smell in the entire house works much better.

Do not leave stacks of bills on the counter top or desk.  Believe me we have enough of our own.

Do not make it so hard to show the house that nobody even wants to bother to try.  Please no “listing agent must accompany”.  Try putting that nightmare of a schedule together.  If you want 24 hour notice your buyer already bought something else.   “Must make contact with all” is a Realtors’s nightmare. 

Don’t Leave Anyone Home

Do not leave anyone at home when the house is being shown.  Go sit in the car at the end of the street and take your dogs with you.  Buyers will not speak freely about your house if they suspect you are even in the neighborhood.  

If you can follow these Do Nots, you have just increased the likelihood of your house selling by an unknown percentage.  But rest assured, it will show much better!

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